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so all i did today was go to work which was extremely boring and i went to walmart on break to look for a nice pair of pants to wear to alyssa's sisters wedding on friday and i bought 2 now i just need to figure out what shirt to wear... easier said than done..

and at work i like went into this state of depression.. it scares me to know that my body/mind will do that. b/c i like wasn't happy, i wasn't angry, i wasn't mad, and i wasn't really sad i had like no feeling inside of me and i don't like that. i guess i'm ok now.. can't really tell b/c i'm not around anyone but yeah.

i finished the 2nd book that i got the other day :( now i really need to get the other 2 to find out what happens. so now i guess i can go back to reading the nicholas sparks book.

tomorrow i'm working 1-8 for savannah.. i don't wanna nemore but oh well. and then i might go to alyssa's.. if you read this alyssa call me tomorrow my break should be from 4-5 or so and let me know.

and i'm getting my hair done on friday afterall at 10:00.. she said i would be out of there by 12:30 so i can be at alyssa's at 1:30..i'm soooo flippin happy. damn hair. blahhhh.

mmkk i've done enough complaining. night.
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