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i was in an accident after school. on us1 across from sears town. 5 cars. i was the 4th of the 5. i hit steve p. and a kid in a truck hit me. my car is totaled. radiator is destroyed, my frame on the right side is messed up, my back glass shattered when he hit me, my seats are broken/pushed forward.... my blood pressure was high at the scene but lady said it was probaly b/c of the accident. my head is hurting right now.. i think it's a headache. ugh. this is a total nightmare. i need to call justin propst to see if he can take me to school, i have to find rides to work... but i'm ok and that's all that matters. thanx to stephanie for calling to see if i was ok.. i ♥ you.. and jerrod for calling & coming to see me, and savannah & natalia, and lindsay (one of the girls in the accident for coming and giving me a hug when i was shaking), deanna & beth for making sure i was alright, the people who helped me, my mom & my dad for rushing to my side... and my sister for telling me she loves me...

i was sooo scared. i still am.
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